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Rwanda | Womens Coffee Extension

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Roast| Light

Origin| Rwanda

Acidity| Bright

What we taste| Blackberry, Grape Jam, Honey

This organic, Rwandan Origin comes from the Mbizi Coffee Washing Station where the Women’s Coffee Extension (WCE) resides. Founded in 2017 by Aline Christine and Odette Uwamariya, the WCE is a women’s coffee cooperative in Rwanda dedicated to empowering women and giving them a voice in the specialty coffee sector. Today, the WCE has over 700 female coffee producer members, underscoring its success and growth. The cooperative places a strong emphasis on education and empowerment for its members, offering a range of services that include family planning, nutrition programs,agricultural practices, and providing vital livestock.

This coffee is naturally processed and patio dried, leaving a sweet, full bodied flavor. Maiden is proud to supply and roast this special single origin to our community and share with them how the WCE initiatives have significantly impacted the lives of many members, showcasing WCE’s commitment to not just improving the quality of coffee production but also enhancing the well-being of the women of Rwanda.

Farmer| Various

Process| Natural

Altitude| 1700 MASL

Varietal| N/A


About Maiden Coffee Roasters

The groundwork for Maiden Coffee Roasters was laid five years ago when two baristas and a roaster met through the search for great coffee. Since its humble beginnings in 2016, Maiden has been passionate about providing quality coffee, and has made it a priority to forge partnerships with like-minded individuals that share its values.

Our aim is to provide an exceptional product while empowering our consumers with the knowledge to deepen their understanding of the coffee industry. We’re constantly experimenting with different single origins, roasting techniques, and blends to bring out the unique flavors and characteristics of each coffee varietal. With an ever-changing selection of coffee, we aim to bring forth a product that fits both the new, interested consumer and the seasoned connoisseur alike.

As we continue our Maiden Voyage, we remain committed to finding sustainable practices, sourcing only the finest specialty coffee beans directly from farmers who think long-term when harvesting. We aim to partner with farms that go the extra mile when it comes to making an impact within the industry, while consistently providing an exceptional product.

We’re proud to be part of a larger movement towards a more ethical and innovative coffee industry, and we believe that our approach to coffee roasting can have a positive impact. We’re always looking for ways to deepen our involvement in the supply chain so that we can involve our community and eventually surrounding neighbors.

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