Costa Rica | Cordillera de Fuego Termico

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Roast | Light

Origin | Costa Rica

Acidity | Bright

What we taste | Black Cherry, Citrus, Plum, Tart

This bold and unique coffee comes from the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica. The Termico process is an experimental coffee technique invented by don Luis Campos of Cordillera de Fuego. This coffee is made with ripe sweet coffee cherries which undergo the Termico (“Thermic”) process, in which the semi-washed coffee is heated. The heat breaks down and caramelizes the sweet mucilage left on the bean, giving the coffee an exceptionally sweet and fruity flavor, as well as a round and balanced cup.

Over the past 10 years don Luis has been experimenting with different coffee processing methods such as natural, honeys, thermic (termico) and anaerobic. In addition to quality innovation, the farm and wet mill are part of a national collective seeking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the coffee sector. One of the biggest projects that Cordillera de Fuego has undertaken was the installation of solar panels, which now supply more than 50% of the energy for the wet mill.

Farmer | Luis Eduardo Campos – Cordillera de Fuego

Process | Thermic/Termico

Elevation | 1600 – 1750 MASL

Varietal | Caturra


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