Colombia | Faber Pacheco

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Roast| Light
Origin| El Tambo, Colombia
Acidity| Bright
What we taste| Grape Juice, Unsweetened Dark Chocolate, Cherry

This newest El Tambo harvest is a one of a kind, naturally processed coffee exported by one of our most valued partners, Cosecha Traders. This specific roast was produced by Faber Pacheco using his niche for exotic varietals and innovative processing methods. This coffee’s unique, earthy, ‘grape’ taste comes from storing the coffee’s cherries in bags with minimal oxygen for 198 hours, which then receive thermal shock during the pre-drying phase. After a total of 20 days, the result is what we now call our new Faber Pacheco El Tambo single origin, with sensory notes that can only be described as reminiscent of childhood.

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Maiden is proud to source this coffee from Cosecha Traders, a social impact enterprise that supports smallholder farmers in vulnerable regions of southwestern Colombia, connecting them with specialty coffee roasters in the US and promoting the direct relationships that increase the growers’ economic potential. They believe that specialty coffee is a vehicle for change through which vulnerable smallholder farmers can access their dream of economic stability.

Producer| Faber Pacheco, Finca San Javier farm
Process| Natural Reduced Oxygen
Elevation| 1790 MASL
Varietal| Maragogype and Pacamara


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